Spartacus Rex writes powerful, usable and sometimes very complex applications for the Android OS.

He does this beacuse it's lots of fun, and he makes a little money.


All the applications, free and paid, are available on Android Market.

Click here to check them all out!

Enjoy the apps! & if you do please show your appreciation with a nice fat 5 star rating. Oh yes..

NB : Every effort is made to ensure a bug-free application. If you do encounter a problem - SEND ME AN EMAIL! and I'll fix it. Leave a harsh comment with no real info and I'll stumble around in the dark trying to find the bug - psychically. Your choice.

When I find a bug, I crush it. If I don't find it, and you do, and don't tell me, it lives and we all lose.. I'm not a mind-reader. Or a phone-reader. I'm not one of the X-Men.

I'm Spartacus Rex.