I am a coder. Have been for 40 years now.. Still sharp as a razor.. but getting old.

Started in Games (as many of us did back then) using Borland C++.. physics engines, 3D rendering, Consoles, bitmap graphics.. etc etc..

Since then I have worked in almost every field.. web, php, javascript, mysql, telephony, apache, linux servers, perl, java.. and all the other good stuff.

After a while - all the languages blur into one. Each suited to a different task - but for the last 20 years I have been mostly a Java man.

Fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole 10 years ago, in 2012, and have been falling ever since.

My current obsession is Minima.

The main Minima website is at minima.global

Minima strives to be a truly decentralised crypto-currency where every single user runs the complete application in full.

Download the White Paper

The complete code base can be found at :


On this website you will find the jar, Android APK and a selection of archive files to resync your node.