Spartacus Rex

I am a coder. Have been for 40 years now.. Sharp as a razor.. but getting old.. lol

Started in Games (as many of us did back then) physics engines, 3D rendering, control systems etc etc..

And since then have worked in almost every field.. web, html, php, mysql, javascript, telephony, apache, linux servers.. etc etc

After a while - all the languages blur into one. Each one suited to a different task.

They call this - Full Stack.

The last 20 years I have been mostly a Java man.

My current obsession is Minima.

The white paper is here

The complete code base can be found at

You can run a node very simply using the Java Network Lauch Protocol.. full instructions here

I have a list of self-updating peers you can add to your node at
Which you can add directly (instead of an actual host:ip list) in the Peers section of Settings in MiniHUB or from the command line with :

peers action:addpeers peerslist:

I run an archive server on
Which you can access from the Security MiniDAPP or from the command line with :

archive action:resync

And I make daily archive file backups in the archive folder
Which you can use to resync your node in Security MiniDAPP or command line.. with or without the seed phrase

archive action:import file:minima_archive_2023_09_04.gzip